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Using GTD to Achieve Long Term Goals

People have asked me how GTD can be used to achieve their long terms goals. Now I’m assuming by goals that they mean longer term aspects that they want to achieve rather than objectives or areas of responsibility that they are looking to achieve or progress during the year. My first piece of advice if…

Inspiring GTD in Workplace Teams

I was asked how to inspire others in your workplace to adopt the GTD methodology recently. My experience is that you can inspire people one at a time to adopt GTD but to have it taken up by an entire organisation or team at the same time would be quite a feat and huge change…

Being Productive or Being Effective ?

Many people say that they want to be more productive but is that what they really mean or seek ? If you are PRODUCTIVE then you manage to get a lot done.  If you are EFFICIENT then you get things done with the lowest effort.  If you are EFFECTIVE then you are getting the right…

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